Coming back for more?

Go Deeper


ManAlive ADVANCED is an invitation to go deeper. This event is for men who have completed at least one ManAlive EXPEDITION Basic or a similar event with Wild at Heart.

The invitation of Jesus is that there is always more. This is certainly true when it comes to ManAlive. Many men come over and over again and discover even more about their hearts.

Advanced Track

This year we are preparing an advanced track for previous ManAlive EXPEDITION attendees. In this experience you’ll go deeper into the themes of healing and walking with God. Like all of our events, the schedule is on a need-to-know basis. But what you do need to know is that this experience will be amazing.

How to Prepare

There are several good ways to prepare. First, review your notes from previous ManAlive EXPEDITIONs. Go deeper into the message of the heart by reading Walking With God and/or Waking the Dead. Both of these books will help prepare you for a great experience.

Healing For My Heart

In the Spring of 1999, I was worn out. In nearly every way. I was commuting to a job 3 hours away 3 days a week for over a year. The same year we self-contracted and built our house. But more than the physical exhaustion was the lack of true life. I had a wonderful...

For My Boys!

I wanted to learn, to practice and to pass along a warrior spirit for my boys. Fetal position in the back of a semi-stranger’s car, frustrated, angry and lost in thoughts of WHY AM I HERE? WHAT AM I DOING? I was begrudgingly headed towards some “Bootcamp”...

No Longer a Lone Ranger

I spent many years being the “Lone Ranger” thinking I had it all figured out. I didn’t need anyone’s help, and if I did I was less of a man. The ManAlive EXPEDITION showed me I was worthy of the Father’s  unconditional love and I don’t have to be alone.

I Found Myself

Before my first ManAlive Expedition, I was a man trying to find himself in religion. Funny thing was I didn’t grow up in church. After a decade of swimming in an alcoholic abyss, I finally found sobriety’s life boat alongside my wife. However, having just centered my life on God, I made this life boat holy and riddled with religiousity.

My Story

If you knew me 10 years ago, you would have known a man that looked successful on the outside. As the youngest district sales manager for a Japaneese technology company, I was making money and living the American Dream. I'd attended a Christian college, graduated with...

Becoming a Real Man

One man tells his story about how the ManAlive EXPEDITION helped him on his journey to become a real man.