Every man has deep desires written in the core of their heart. 

We want a battle to fight.  We need adventure.  We long for a beauty to rescue.

Yet for most of men, life isn’t what we expected. It feels like a struggle to survive. Work seems mundane. Marriage feels hard. We struggle to engage with our children, family and friends. We feel a nagging sense that we are a disappointment. We fear that we will let everyone down are anxious that it may all fall apart.

Some men seek to solve this ache with duty. We do the right things, strive to apply principles and continually try harder. We look great on the outside. But on the inside we find ourselves exhausted and bored while still full of anxiety and fear.

Others seek relief in resignation, searching for escape in hours of video games, pornography, drinking too much or name your drug of choice. We’ve simply checked out. In trying to escape we’ve become addicted and ensnared. Still the ache still remains.

Which one of these men are you?

  • Are you disappointed with your life?
  • Do you struggle with fear or anxiety?
  • Are you simply looking for more?

The ManAlive EXPEDITION was created for you. Make an investment in yourself and in your family. Take journey to recover your heart.